Il museo della Regina di Cattolica

Walking down the narrow streets of the city centre, tourists will have the opportunity to discover its ancient Roman origins, whose main finds are cherished by Museo della Regina (Museum of the Queen), an old building which was erected in 1584 and originally employed as the "Hospital of the Pilgrims".

It was made up of a dormitory which could host up to 10 men, a separated women's dormitory, a kitchen and a recreation room. It was used as a hospital up to 1839, when it was turned into the barracks of the Papal Carabinieri.

In 1931, it became the seat of the corps of the Carabinieri, and retained such a function up to 2000, when it was fully restored on the occasion of the Jubilee. It now hosts the halls of the first Civic Museum of the city, which was originally situated in the Town Hall and then transferred to the Multipurpose Cultural Centre in 1984.

Distributed over two levels, the former hosts the Archaeological section, which gathers prehistorical finds and Roman evidences dating back to the I- II century A.D. The second floor is home to the so-called Seafaring section, which illustrates the main boat building methods and sailing techniques. The finds which are not hosted inside the Museum are situated amidst the city centre, such as the remains of a Roman house which rise just in the heart of Piazza del Mercato Coperto.

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Museo della Regina
Museo della Regina