The way we were

Our history

Our Art Nouveau Patria Hotel was built in 1924 (first as a mansion house, then turned into a hotel in 1927) by Mr Barilari, born in Cattolica and US – New Jersey - naturalized citizen). The hotel was rented out to different hoteliers until the early 50s. Mr Barilari (the owner) spent the last 5 years of his life with his wife here in Cattolica, running the hotel. 

In 1958, he died and his widow, who knew our aunt Maria (our father’s sister) very well, before returning to the US in 1960, sold the hotel to our father. As he had already emigrated to Germany, he rented it out for the first 7 years. 

Since the summer of 1967, the Fabbris have been running the Patria Hotel in Cattolica! 

This black and white photo was taken in 1938. According to one of our guests, who is expert on vintage cars, the car in the foreground, a Lancia Ardea, was the only model before II World War. A blow-up of this photo, a gift from a Swiss guest of ours, is now in our hall.